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JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” creates all conditions for the formation of Operator’s infrastructure
2126 / 27.12.2016 00:00

JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” creates all conditions for the formation of Operator’s infrastructure

December 23, JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” held a production meeting chaired by the President of the Company Kanat Alpysbayev on the formation of Operator’s infrastructure and ensuring traffic safety.

The heads of all regional branches of JSC “KTZ — Freight Transport”, Directorate of highway network took part in the meeting.

The measure on creation of Operator’s infrastructure are implemented by JSC “NC “KTZ” in the framework of the Program of business transformation in accordance with a three-stage plan of reorganization of Group companies.

Today is almost formed and operates Cargo carrier, completed accession of JSC “Kaztransservice”, JSC “KTZ Express” and created a Single window for the provision of transport services. Until the end of 2017 it is planned to complete the formation of the Operator’s infrastructure.

Currently solved the question of the function separation dispatching between JSC “KTZ — Freight Transport” and administration of the highway network of JSC “NC “KTZ”.

K.Alpysbayev stressed “it is important to ensure the stability of the single technological process, control and keep safety of traffic on the network”.

Vice-president for development E.Zhusanbayev informed participants of the meeting about implementation of a three-stage plan developed the concept of the separation of functions dispatching on a regional and linear levels.

The President of JSC “KTZ — Freight Transport” O.Kulakov made a report on the impact of the company’s reorganization, availability of production units of JSC “NC “KTZ”.

The meeting approved the proposed changes on the division of functions dispatching on a network, regional and linear levels. Special attention is paid to ensuring safety and uninterrupted movement of trains.

The head of risk management, industrial safety and ecology Department A.Zhagiparov analyzed the security of the offices and outlined the measures which should be taken by the heads of regional departments.

During the meeting were discussed issues related to the providing transportation of freight wagons.

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of “KTZ-Freight transportation” JSC

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