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Locomotive driver in East Kazakhstan has prevented train collision with a 4-meter avalanche
795 / 26.11.2016 00:00

Locomotive driver in East Kazakhstan has prevented train collision with a 4-meter avalanche

On November 26 this year at 3.21 on the section of Serebryanka-Zashchita railway of East Kazakhstan region a train run over a descended on rails avalanche was prevented. A locomotive driver of the crew TD-10 “Serebryanka” of the East Kazakhstan division of road SE, a branch of “KTZ-Freight transportation” JSC, George Rudoi applied emergency braking and thus managed to avoid a collision of the train with a snow fall.

An avalanche of 6 meters long and 4 meters high came down from the mountain on the 58th kilometer of the haul of Ognyevka-Ermakovka. SCTM (a track machine for clearing railroad tracks from snow), which completely cleared the railroad tracks, arrived at the place of the forced stop.

Freight train № 3130 with 52 wagons with a total weight of about 3,000 tons was moving in the direction of the station Zashchita. After the snow clearing works it continued its movement. The time delay of the train was approximately 4 hours.

According to the Committee of Emergency Situations of Internal Affairs Ministry of the RK, the region of East Kazakhstan is one of the most avalanche dangerous areas in Kazakhstan. In the region 446 avalanche discharges have been revealed. From November 10 in the region it is avalanche dangerous period due to the changeable weather.

Locomotive crews of regional branches of “KTZ-Freight transportation” JSC, carrying out traffic on avalanche dangerous sections of the road, have been warned of the danger of collision with the avalanches and the need to act in case of emergency according to the approved instructions.

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